GM Breakout released it's first episode on the 13th of December 2021. It is a weekly actual play podcast using the Pathfinder second edition ruleset, currently playing the Magic of the Magaambya, which follows the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path, published by Paizo, inc. 

We are five people from all over the world who came together via social media to bring you the best experience we can and have fun doing it! As we became fast friends, the second point got a big fat checkmark next to it! We are aware the first couple of episodes have some technical issues, so the first point took a little while, but we promise it gets better if you stick with us!

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Dylan Gibbs (GM)

Dylan is filling the role of the Game Master, or GM, for our Magic of the Magaambya campaign. This means he plays all the friendly NPCs as well as the most dastardly villains!

Dylan started playing tabletop RPGs in university - and has loved them ever since! He's ran games of DND 5E, Pathfinder 1E, Starfinder, and now Pathfinder 2E!

As well as running campaigns, Dylan is an avid puzzler, and especially loves escape rooms. He's looking forward to the start of a new adventure with the rest of the party!

Ejnar Andersson (Wulfolk Whitewood)

Ejnar plays the Dwarven Cleric of Apsu, Wulfolk Whitewood. Just like Wully can get lost in his woodworking or limerick-writing, Ejnar gets lost in Pathfinder. He's currently running one group through the Agents of Edgewatch campaign, and another through the Age of Ashes campaign, so he's thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play one character for an extended length of time!

Wulfolk is a very round dwarf who loves three things most of all: Limericks, wood and pies! He came to the Magaambya to be reunited with someone, but might get a little sidetracked by buffets and other shenanigans in his new cohort.


Jeremy Noble (Rikdahn Jakhal)

Jeremy is a life-long geek living in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has thousands of hours of experience in roleplaying games, both playing and gm'ing. He even learned some real medieval combat skills along the way! Jeremy is looking forward to keeping a frontline character alive. With a 10 con. shit.

Rikdahn Jakhal is one of many children of a prosperous family of alcohol distillers from the Mwangi Orc tribes. They harboured a lifelong dream of attending the Magaambya to try and understand their own magical ability and their identity conflicts. Now that they have made it out of the regimented militaristic instruction of their people, they are eager to embrace learning at the greatest magic school on Golarion!

Greg (Teh'Rull of the Kett)

Greg has more hobbies than there is time the day. He is an avid world-builder, so playing TTRPG's is always something he can make time for. He has a long-running home game he runs in Pathfinder 2E and is ecstatic in anticipation of being a player in an adventure path. When not rolling dice or creating dire monsters, Greg can be found climbing, reading, playing board games or doing puzzles and quizzes.

Teh'Rull of the Kett did not seek the Magaambya. In truth, it was a place he knew little about until a stranger crossed his path. Methodical and driven, Teh'Rull seeks to understand all that he can, particularly that most indescribable of connections, that of friendship.


Keven Arseneault (Yshkol)

Keven is a Canadian games enthusiast, be it board, card, video or tabletop. He is an experienced pathfinder player, with a decade of adventure path and homebrew campaign experience, as both a player and GM. Will his experience help him through school again?

After being exiled from his warren, Yshkol the Ysoki has been wandering around looking for a place to perfect his art - the making and many uses of poisons. His travels have brought him to the Magaambya where he hopes to find others who share similar views and to learn the arcane arts and combine it with his alchemy to make a masterpiece.