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GM Breakdown, Episode 33 - Chickens and Check-ins

Alright, so we are officially in book 2! We got to meet Janatimo, the literal head of the Uzunjati, and he has a mission for us. Someone needs to get to the bottom of these Griffons attacking the poor Anadi out of nowhere, and most importantly, where they came from.

Before we are summoned, though, there are some other stuff to take care of. Of course we have a ceremony for the three deceased students from the infested caverns and Droplets as well, with Wully, to the chagrin of his cohort, reading out one of his classic Limericks, especially written for the departed Anadi.

Wully also meets up with his new animal companion, Gunnar the chicken. Combined with the magic fang on the animal staff, I think he will be a very dangerous chicken! It's going to be a steep climb for him going forward, though, as the druid archetype is notoriously slow on companion evolution feats, but I'm sure it will be fine!

And then we get to the kingly gift, the Crown of the Companion. I have studied this item in great detail, so let me lay down why this item is so awesome. First of all, a +1 to diplomacy is great, but it's the activated effect that really stands out to me.

For the low, low cost of two actions, you can cast shield other on someone within 30 feet, with the addendum that this spell doesn't end if your more than 30 feet away from your target, and when the spell ends, the target recovers 4d8 hit points and you recover half as much as they did, (which would be 0 if they were at full hit points).

Now, with shield other active, whenever the target of the spell takes hit point damage, they only take half, and you take the rest. Here's the kicker, though! Shield other's duration is 10 minutes, but it ends automatically if you or the target ever reaches 0 hit points. Do you see the greatness yet? This means that the moment either of you go unconscious in an encounter due to hit point damage, the spell ends and the healing occurs, instantly popping you back to life!

Of course, you drop the stuff your holding and go prone and get wounded, just like normal if you went unconscious and then got healed, but at least no one needs to spend the actions to heal you back and you get another turn! You could use it to end the life of the pesky monster that tried to kill you or run away, that's your prerogative but my god, the utility of this absolute unit of an item is absolutely amazing!

I hope I don't forget to use it when I need it!


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