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GM Breakdown, episode 19 & 20 - Bag Guys and Wulfrik

Updated: Sep 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to what we have decided to call the GM Breakdown, a sort of outlet for us to comment on past episodes, apologize for rules that we might have gotten wrong or just general thoughts and other fun stuff that we might be thinking about.

As I (Ejnar) love to analyse stuff over and over (classic nerd trait, right?) I will be heading up the first instance of this, but I'm sure the other guys are going to get in on this action in the near future, especially when it comes to their characters. I just wanted to mention this as this might be a little skewed to Wully's point of view for now.

We will also be publishing our character sheets as soon as we hit level 3! Then you can see just what Rikdahn (Jeremy), Teh'Rull (Greg), Wully (Ejnar) and Yshkol (Keven) are truly capable of, even if we don't always live up to it!

The two most recently released episodes were the two attempts at the sparring tournament. Episode 19 was the Bag Guys, Yshkol and Teh'Rull, Episode 20 was Team WulfRik. Two very different attempts, but the outcome seems to be very, very close according to our fantastic GM Dylan, and will come down to remaining hit points of the enemies, it seems.

There were several very unfortunate rolls in both attempts, but if the absolute madness at the end of episode 19 did not make you laugh like crazy, then I don't know what would. Upon several relistens, I still crack up at Greg's very defiant "Teh'Rull is a perfectionist!", it's just amazing. I might be completely off here, but I was also getting some subtle hints of Captain America's "I can do this all day"-mentality. Facing off against impossible odds, alone, with nothing but your resolve to help you is nothing short of heroic.

This was also all based on the house rule that when you use all your hero points for a Heroic Recovery you become conscious at 1 hp instead of stabilizing at 0. Since we are not resetting hero points for each session but instead each level, this seems like a fair compromise to me. If the house rule is going to extend into the real encounters further down the line remains to be seen, though.

All in all, the Smart Boys attempt had some very interesting moments, with clever positioning and smart uses of quick alchemy from Yshkol, to Teh'Rull biding his time and recalling knowledge to find out what they could about these Bramble Constructs.

If there is one thing that is very clear with WulfRik's attempt, it's that the old adage "No plans survive first contact with the enemy" is very, very true. Jeremy and I had been talking about a lot of different scenarios and basically made a budget of how much resources we could spend on each bout to still have some clout when it came to the final showdown (I even considered saving some spells for after the third one just in case Dylan had decided to pit both teams against each other since we would both obviously smash all three bouts...). We clearly underestimated how tough the first one would be, especially when the primary damage-dealer has a pretty severe dice curse that seems to have extended into the digital rolls.

You might have spotted a couple of things we did wrong as well, for example where Wully used 4 actions in the first round of the second bout. He moved, regripped and then struck twice. I can only apologize, but of course Wully started the encounter with two hands on his staff, since that's what a smart person would do... Also, it has now been pointed out to me that all flying creatures have to spend at least one action to keep flying if they didn't land with their last fly action. It just so happens that Eddie the Eagle was not flying, even though he used a talon attack. We will of course do better next time!

In hindsight, I think there are a lot of things we could have done differently in both attempts, but that's the beauty of this game isn't it? Just reacting to stuff that you didn't expect. The upside of a tabletop game compared to a computer game is the multitude of creative solutions you can come up with to get out of any sticky situation you're in.

Anyway, sorry for the unstructured ranting, I hope you're looking forward to next week, when we'll see who actually won the tournament!



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