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GM Breakdown, episode 29 - Sweet Pie and the Fly

Updated: Sep 1

Alright, it wasn't the Stone Ghost this time, but at least we got the lieutenant.

We got the opportunity to freshen up and prepare some fun stuff for whatever we might run into down here, and oh boy did it pay off. First of all, we finally activate the onyx dog wondrous figurine from the sparring tournament, which was awesome. Even if Sweet Pie's life was short, he made a lasting memory in Wully's heart.

As we delve into the infested caverns for a second time, we are still hearing the buzzing from the day before and Teh'Rull decides to investigate. And a deep, dark cave seems to be where he truly blends into the shadows he has been fixating on, rolling a nat 20 to stealth ahead. We have been over this time and time again, but this is where foundry really shines. I know there is a creature around the corner, but I can't see it, and I have to rely on the descriptive powers of Teh'Rull, limited as they may be. It really helps separate what my character knows and what I know, since in this case they are the same.

Us sneaking up on them would have been way worse than making them come to us, so I'm glad he responded to our call by rushing in head first. This brings up another thing I have thought a lot about to, and that is high vs. low initiative. This is one real issue I have with the tactics of starting any encounter far from the other combatants. A high initiative is great, but having to spend your first turn just getting into position just for them to be in range is the worst thing you can do in my opinion, but what else can you do, sometimes? Then there are always options like buffing and readying and stuff, but I don't know. My feelings on high initiatives are conflicted, is all I'm saying.

Then we get real lucky with the entire thing, apart from some dire hits from Urbel. Luckily, Yshkol had replenished his alchemical items, and I prepared some new fun spells. The amount of stuff we put on Urbel was just astonishing. He was at least burning and cursed and some other stuff as well, that I can't recall at the moment. With the damage he did and his modifiers, the entire thing could have been waaaay worse, so I'm very happy we came out on top with no casualties in the end. Also, Teh'Rull taking care of the fly was awesome, so the rest of us could focus on the gremlin.

Next week we have to get to Stone Ghost, and I am excited!


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