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GM Breakdown, episode 22 - Insect Lure

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Hello everyone!

This week we had an investigation episode, some temporary party splitting and a whole lot of insect lore. It all starts with a summons to Teacher Kuraide's office where she tells us about bugs around the campus behaving erratically.

Now, that insects and bugs have been this important in this campaign might not be a surprise to everybody, but it sure was to me. I mean, it is a part of a campaign-specific background. I might not even be surprised at this point if the stone ghost turns out to be an insect. As Dylan said, it might not be important after this book, but it has been very useful so far, so I'm happy Greg picked up that background for Teh'Rull.

Now, we have talked about the age-old rule to never split the party, but what could the harm be when you're just in the middle of a plain-old investigation? Wully has obviously never heard of the rule, and his appetite continues to be a distraction for him. If there is an opportunity to stop by the kitchen while doing his duties, he will take it without hesitating. He might be very brave and boisterous, but he is not about to take on a thousand centipedes on his own if he doesn't have to. If they had been threatening the assistant in the kettle more seriously, he would have dove in there without hesitating, but he is very grateful his friends were so close.

Afterward, we got some consumables from Lemusi with some real flavour, both in the world and for us, something which i thouroughly enjoy. Anything that makes it more real is a positive thing. Also, as mentioned, when we finally use them down the line we can remember the time when we got them.

I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering when I was a kid, and there is one card that is wedged in my memory even though I haven't seen the actual card in almost 20 years at this point, solely thanks to the flavour text. There is nothing special about the card, it's called Selesnya Sagittars and they're a bunch of Elven archers. This is the flavour text: "What's their strike range, you ask? Let me put it this way: They aim their bows using maps." Very badass, and a surefire way of being remembered.

Once again, Yshkol's splash damage saves the day, and we come out the other end victorious, and end the episode with a little impromptu sparring show, getting a new fan as a result.

Next week will be the masking ceremony, see you then!


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