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GM Breakdown, episode 23 - Infestation at the Celebration

Updated: Sep 1

Hello again everybody!

After this week's episode I don't know how anyone could present an idea to have any sort of ceremony at the Magaambya without getting laughed out of the room immediately. So far, one hundred percent of the ceremonies we have had have ended up with at least one of us (mostly Wully) unconscious and dying. Thank Apsu for the healing capabilities of Teacher Ot, that dude is my hero!

At least we still got to make our masks before the insects attacked! There were some really cool images in my head during the entire ceremony. From Teh'Rull's three-headed raven and Yshkol's Arcane/Alchemical mask resting on his snoot, to Rikdahn's jaguar and Wully's panda bear, to all the NPCs in between. I especially liked Haibram's cloud dragon! Cloud dragons are very important to both Taralu (which Wully is) and Mbe'ke (which I believe Haibram is) dwarves. The Taralu have Tanin, and the Mbe'ke have Cykurarreot the Mist, the Matriarch of the cloud dragons in the Terwa Uplands. If you're interested, you can find more in the Lost Omens book about the Mwangi Expanse.

Then we have the amazing fight with the bug invasion. I loved how effective Betty was in this fight (and both me and Dylan are sad we didn't call her Betty Boop, with all the other jokes about booping snoots), but my favourite part was still Dylan's commentary about what was going on in the rest of the hall, with Haibram jumping up to grab a bee, Mafika having the time of his life just crushing bugs left and right, and Ignaci panicking about the bees in general. Every fight needs a cool backdrop, and what is cooler than another fight?

And then we get to what has to be every gamer's favourite moment, the level up. Now, second level was very big for all of us with all the extra feats and stuff from the academy subsystem, but I think level three is the first moment you really get to know your character, and when they start getting into the groove of what makes them great. This is when casters get second level spells, we all get our first general feat, and most martials get something that sets them apart from other classes. Teh'Rull gets his deny advantage as a rogue, and Yshkol gets his first big upgrade for his alchemical items. Then two of us instantly get to third level in our primary branch as well, which is great! Magaambyan dedicated attendant is a very cool feat, setting up all sorts of future combinations of arcane and primal stuff, if you choose to go that way.

In any case, stay tuned, and we'll put up our character sheets tomorrow, and then next week we start our first real dungeon crawl, not counting the Tree Stump Library.

I hope you roll well!


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