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GM Breakdown - March of the Dead

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

This week we published the first part of our take on the mini-adventure from the book of the dead. We have used these one-shots to pepper in whenever our schedules don't line up as well as we wish, but it's also super fun for us to do this short adventures where we can just try out every weird thing we've ever wanted with the characters, since they probably won't be around for long anyway.

Dylan, true to form, is back with another hilarious Leshy. This time in the form of Golarion's best undead slayer, Vine Helsing. Will the next one be Prick Astley, the Cactus Bard? Only time will tell, and if you ask me, I'd like to see him do a thousand pun characters, they just are a higher form of humour. In any case, there are a lot of mechanics that goes into an investigator, as can be seen in the first combat we have with the four plague zombies. One hell of a first turn with devising stratagems and free actions galore. Also cool to see a new item from the book in question, bottled sunlight! I am pretty sure the zombies were standing pretty packed, so he got at least 3, probably all 4 with that bomb, taking massive advantage of their weakness to positive damage.

Then we have our guest Jonas and his Orc Cleric Grub the Pie-ous. Did he take inspiration from the pie-loving dwarf everyone adores, maybe? In any case, it's a hilarious idea with a buff orc cramming himself in priest robes that are way to tight and focusing on casting spells instead of using his massive muscles to rip his enemies apart. He is a cloistered cleric, of course, and Jonas let us in on the fact off-mic that he took an optional flaw in dexterity, netting him an 8. This is turn results in an AC of 14, which is just ludicrous in this system, so protecting our cleric will be very important if we want to get through this night.

The third (and fourth) in the line-up is Os the bat riding Straya the dog (both colloquialism for Australia, btw). Jeremy gave us no information beforehand he was planning this, and him breaking out the absolutely fantastic accents was nothing short of amazing. We did not get to see a lot of what they can do, but they sure were entertaining anyway. Also, Jeremy forgetting to shop and not having thieves tools for his character that is trained in thievery is hilarious on a whole other level as well. Always do your due diligence, people!

And then we come to the apple of my eye, the jewel of the sands, Sir Goo, from the family dBoy. I was just excited to see what a Champion with the Paladin cause could do against undead with the shining oath. Picking up the greatpick was just a bonus going with Dajermube as the deity, but the Fatal trait is absolutely amazing, especially against these creatures, that Keven let us know afterwards had an AC of 13. I don't think I'ver seen 48 points of damage in one hit, and that's before the weakness to the positive damage that I could put on it from having the blade as my ally. Simply amazing.

I was way excited about actually playing a dog as well, and I think his more doglike tendencies will be coming out in the next episode, but when that will be released we will have to see.



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