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GM Breakdown, episode 25 - Rikdemption

Updated: Sep 1

Episode 25. Holy shit. Granted, it's not 50 or a 100, but it's still a milestone! Like everyone says at these moments, it's mind-blowing how fast these months since we started recording have gone, and I expect the next 25 will be just as fast. Thank you Dylan, for reaching out last autumn to see if there was anyone interested in doing a podcast and for allowing me to be part of that group. And for being an amazing GM, of course! And to Greg, Jeremy and Keven: thank you for being amazing players and for creating all the epic interactions throughout this journey. It is still only 25 episodes and I don't mean to get too sappy here, I just want to say it's amazing we didn't know each other a year ago, and now we spend most of our friday nights (saturday mornings for Jeremy, you weirdo) together having an amazing time.

Anyway, on to the episode! Jeremy proclaims boldly at the start that this will be the episode where Rik finally gets their redemption. Rik has been struggling with Jeremy's dice rolls all throughout the campaign, but let's not forget the several times they have done over 30 points of damage with a single hit (the highest one against the bramble champion not even being a crit!), so if Jeremy starts rolling better, it's going to be better if Dylan just starts having the monster run away.

We start mapping out the infested caverns, finding a little treasure on a half-eaten vexgit. At first it seems like it was something very large that attacked it, but upon further inspection, it seems to have been a bloodsucker. What this means for us is probably nothing good...

Then we find the magic mushroom. As i personally do not like mushrooms in any way, shape or form, the thought of taking a raw bite out of one growing in a deep, dark, murky cave is not very appetizing, but to Wully it's nothing short of a feast. That it also has an added magical benefit is just a massive bonus to him. I wonder if it made him start hallucinating?

And we find a secret door to a map room! Unfortunately, it is infested with gremlins, which shouldn't be weird since it's their map room. There were quite a few of them, so I was a little worried, but I didn't have the same experience with mitflits as Keven did, so it turned out my concerns were not justified. Yshkol critsoaking like always, otherwise the fight was over rather quickly and we go on to episode 26!

See you next week!


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