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GM Breakdown, episode 26 - I wanna bee the very best

Updated: Sep 1

And so it finally happened, what we've all been dreading. We lost an episode. To let you guys in behind the screen a little bit, we've been having technical difficulties for a while. We tried on several occasions to record episode 26, with one session being cancelled to move the foundry server onto Keven's server computer. Then when we finally sat down to record, it was simply the straw that broke the camel's back, and the trusty old workhorse died, taking our episode down with it.

But not to fear! All this is behind us now, and our sessions are running smoother than ever! We are rapidly approaching the end of book 1 and I couldn't be more excited. I have no idea where it will be going next, how long will we be attendants for, what does it mean becoming a Lore-speaker? Will Wully get to hold lectures about how it can be a good idea to munch on a mushroom in a dark cave?

Anyway, there's a lot to digest here. Dylan and I tried to recap it as best we could, but I'm still sad Wully's tracheotomy never saw the light of day (apart from my reaction which wasn't as great as I remembered it but oh well). What I am not sad about never seeing the light of day though, is how long it took us to realize we found a bag of holding. Dylan did a really good job describing the nicely decorated cloth sack, but all we could think about was the bloodseeker corpse when he told us that yes, we did in fact detect magic. It was even more shameful for me, since I remember very clearly when I started GMing with a bunch of RPG virgins and I asked a question online how I get them to realize they found something magical without explicitly telling them they did, and I got the advice to make the description more vivid, just make it seem interesting by how it looks. And the item in question they found the first session was... a f*ing bag of holding. "You find a cloth sack decorated with panels of richly colored silk or stylish embroidery". I cannot believe I missed it.

We had some hilarious interrogation of Jeremy the Mitflit, finding out that the Stone Ghost is here, just a few caverns over. My brain went into meta game overdrive. Alright, he won't be there when we get there, or he will, but it will only be for a discussion before he gets away, we still have a lot to do before we get to the end of this book... Nope. He's here, and the showdown is coming. Bring it on!

Then we get into what would have been episode 27, which is now 26, which is basically just a combat with some more mining bees. Wully, being the absolute beast that he is, takes on two of them, while the rest are having some real bad luck with their dice. I absolutely love the little part we put in the promo and how it just seems to break Dylan when he describes the bee lying on the ground, legs all wonky, exhausted, but still killing Yshkol. Hilarious!

Next week, we'll be exploring the eastern part of the dungeon, let's see what we run into then!



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