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GM Breakdown, episode 27 - Gnagrif and let die

Updated: Sep 1

This week we absolutely smashed the encounter. No damage taken, and an overworked bee is rescued. I don't know why we were so scared of the Gnagrif in the war room!

I have to apologize for the lack of volume in Dylan's recording though, I did not listen to the entirety of the episode after having added the music and didn't realize his audio was kind of low at some points. Most notably when Teh'Rull found the Gnagrifs, I think Dylan's absolute killer joke was kind of hard to hear, so here's a little transcript for you:

Greg: "...two hungry mouths, one bee."

Dylan: "I've seen that video."

I think this is one of those moments where if you know, you know, and you're all gonna suffer for it. Me included.

As always, I am partial to all the things that happen to Wully, and even though I try and remember everything else where he is not super involved, it's not as easy. He had a little moment with a mining bee at the end of this episode, which was very fun. I don't know that that is how handle animal works in second edition, but it seemed appropriate and it just shows Wully's deepening connection with animals, I think.

We have talked in the pod earlier about dwarves using mining bees in their excavations, and this might be his way of connecting with his roots, even if Taralu aren't really mining dwarves. I believe they are semi-nomadic, but I might be wrong.

In either case, next week we come across some puddles. Nothing sinister about that, right?



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