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GM Breakdown, episode 28 - Have I got Ooze for you!

Updated: Sep 1

I know I have been saying it a lot lately, but we are so close to Stone Ghost I can taste it now! But before we get to the end of this book we have to get by what every Paizo book includes at least once, at least as far as I know, and that is an ooze. I haven't read every AP, of course, but the ones I do know about have all had an ooze. Usually, it's the classic Gelatinous Cube, but we get the Grey Ooze instead.

The common thing for all oozes is their relatively low AC, weighed up with a massive amount of hit points. Rik gets the worst of it this time, with ooze all the way down their gullet and they get dangerously close to dying. Thankfully, most of us are capable of dealing some sort of bludgeoning damage. What do you guys think, by the way? Should Yshkol retrain into Monk? He has been very effective with his fists, but his bombs have also been some of the more clutch moments in the pod so far. I like the idea of him straying into those thoughts anyway, it's a really interesting thought to have a character start doubting their class abilities in favor for something they are using very effectively, even though it's outside their are of expertise.

A friend told me about a campaign idea he had of a party of barbarians that all desperately want to be wizards, despite their low intelligence and massive strength. Interesting concept!

This is also the point where we decide to go back to the surface and rest. I know there are a lot of people out there that hates people resting in the middle of a dungeon, but in my mind there really was no choice. As far as the party knows, the Stone Ghost is a very formidable enemy. He has command over this entire gremlin army, he has orchestrated attacks on every single important moment in our first school year. He also seems arrogant. If he wanted to face us, he would. Instead, he seems to have sent this Urbel creature to attack our dorm, which is also a cause for concern. We would have to go back anyway to make sure nothing has happened at the spire dorm. He also seems arrogant enough to not view us as a real threat, so he has no reason to move anywhere. We'll see what happens!

Cheers, Ejnar

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