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Teh'Rull of the Kett

“Carry the Ember of the Dead God through the shadows of the world. Curse its vessel and place bastion against those who seek it”

The Kett tribe of Hobgoblins are people in penance. A nomadic group, they wander continuously throughout the Mwangi, evading other peoples and settlements as best they can. They are a small group, only a couple of hundred at any one time.

(Note from Greg! Most Kett Hobgoblins, like Teh’rull, have the Steelskin Heritage!)

Teh’rull’s fate was not what the elders expected. Guided in the Kett art of Rain Stalking, he had expected the Sparking Ritual to mark the end of adolescence. Once an adult, he would hold the duty of seeking ahead of the nomadic Kett Hobgoblins.

(Note from Greg! This could be mechanically presented as either a Rogue or a Ranger, as Teh’rull is more esoteric in his leanings the Rogue seemed the best fit.)

Unfortunately for Teh’rull, the sparking ritual produced an ill-omened result. His spark was quenched, stolen by the very flame used to initiate it, leaving his soul in shadow.

(Note from Greg! This is how Teh’rull is able to pick up the Shadowcaster Archetype in line with Golarion lore)

Unsure of what to do, Kett elders set Teh’rull to more and more remote Rain Stalking and tasked him to read the insects for the omens they relayed. Unbeknownst to Teh’rull his advice was treated as faulty. Streams his readings directed them to were avoided, hunting grounds portended to be bountiful were discarded as a doom.

Eventually, the Stranger from the Rain appeared. They moved through the brush, evading Teh’rull’s keen senses. As he read a red fronded caterpillars corpse be puppeted by a vestal fungus, the Stranger spoke at his ear. The voice was sonorous and lilting, speaking a Jotun dialect that Teh’rull had picked up from old stories. The Stranger, for their own reasons, charged Teh’rull to seek out the Magaambya. Then they were gone.

(Note from Greg! Teh’rull is perhaps best known for his judicial use of Insect Lore, which is provided by the Sponsored by a Stranger background)

The Kett were somewhat grateful that he had been so charged. Although he was not with enemies, since the Sparking the Kett had no place for him. Their society and culture had persisted for centuries unchanging, hundreds of generations of knowledge and tradition allowing little flexibility. Teh’rull could not stand with them, but perhaps he could honour them by standing apart.

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