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Hello everybody! Here's Keven with his take on why he chose what he did when making Yshkol the Toxicologist!

Race and class 1 - Ratfolk (Shadow rat): I've been a ratfolk fan since 1e so i chose to play one here. For the heritage, I liked the idea of a certain aversion between me and animals, with an added bonus of being able to intimidate them without problem.

Alchemist (toxicologist): Just like with ratfolk, alchemist was one of my favorite classes in 1E, so I went with that. The 2E version of the class is very different from 1E, but in a good way. Instead of having a weird spell list like in 1E, you simply get free alchemical items everyday, making it very versatile. Instead of going for what many consider the better choice of bomber, I chose to go for toxicologist to try and play more of a support role with debuff poison... not that I had any success yet.

Feats Ancestry 1 - I went with warren navigator because it sounds interesting.

Class 1 - Quick bomber - It's simply the best level 1 feat, even for a toxicologist.

Class 2 - Sniping duo - instead of a class feat i went with an archetype. This one lets me have a partner that, with more feat, will let us work together better.

Skill 2 - Crafter's appraisal - Since I intend to keep my crafting proficiency high, being able to identify item with it is great.

General 3 - When playing a support character, being able to act sooner in initiative is crucial, so that i can setup flanking or debuff enemies for my compatriots.

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